Lavelle - Portable Bracelet Charger


    Always Keep A Handy Charger Everywhere You Go

    Looking for a way to stay stylish while keeping your phone charged at the same time? Not to worry...With Lavelle, we can do just that. Style and convenience all-in-one.

    Easy to use and sets up in the snap of a second. Simply clip it onto your wrist and snap it off when you're ready to charge.

    Made with high-quality PU leather that's waterproof and tear-resistant. Guaranteed to last you a lifetime without one single rip or tear.

    It works well and compatible with any smart device. Whether that's IOS, Android, tablets, kindles or even your Ipad we've got you covered.

    If you like style, convenience, and a fully charged phone then this is the product for you. Durable, reliable and best of all... Convenience and style that's second to none.