Angle Grinder Cutting Machine

  • Hammer Cut- Cutting Metal Made Easy

    Looking for a lean, mean metal cutting machine? then you've come to the right place. Introducing Hammer Cut-Built to survive and cut metal like scissors on paper.

    Easy to use and attaches to just about any angle grinder with ease. Allowing you to cut metal much safer and simpler without putting yourself in harm's way.

    Made with a heavy-duty iron base that's made out of steel and fully adjustable. Allowing you to cut metal from various angles and can last you a lifetime.

    Works on any metal you can think of.Can cut even the thickest of strip metal and piping without even breaking a sweat!!.

    If you're trying to save yourself some time and still get the most precise & accurate cut then this is the product for you. Durable, easy to operate and best of all...Gives you clean cuts