Blade X500™️- Retractable Weed Cutting Blades


    Cut Your Lawn Precise And Perfect With The Blade X500™️

    Looking for an easy to get rid of those nagging weeds out of your yard? Not to worry... Using the Blade X500™️ you can hack away even the toughest weeds with little to no effort.

    Super easy to install and fits perfectly on almost any weed whacker. Saving you money from buying an expensive one that you don't need.

    Made with six steel/retractable blades for precision and cleaner cuts. Allowing you to cut the toughest of weeds and still have your lawn looking neat and evenly cut.

    You can use it for more than just cutting weeds you can also use them to cut down branches, small trunks and even around your bushes. Getting the job done and much more.

    We can't tell you just how amazing this product works because the results speak for itself. With the Blade X500™️, we aim to give you sharper, more reliable and best of all...A garden that is free of nagging pesky weeds!!